Cuycha Innovation has applied for many national- and international patents.


CCN (Carbon Capture and Neutralization)

Climate change is the most serious of the future threats facing humanity; it already causes substantial losses to both businesses and humanity as a whole. A significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is the first and foremost step that must be taken. Our CCN process offers a unique, economically and technologically sound solution.

• Internationally patented technology, WO 2010/000937, US 8,795,413, FI 121216 for the removal of carbon dioxide emissions

• Carbon dioxide is neutralized in a natural weathering reaction without harmful chemicals

• This emission reduction technology is economically profitable

• The recovery of rare earths and other valuable minerals may multiply this profit

• The process affords valuable raw materials for further industrial processing

• The CCN physical plant is simple, low-cost and easy to retrofit in existing power plants: no expensive pressure vessels or high temperatures


Revolution in oxygen production

Power production by means of combustion is cleaner and more efficient if combustion air is replaced with a mixture of oxygen and recycled flue gas. This also reduces the cost of implementing the CCN process because the flue gas of such power plants consists mainly of CO2.  Our innovation presents an energy-saving method for separating large quantities of oxygen from air, opening the way for a general acceptance of oxygen combustion, CCN, and the new power plant concepts described below.

The first phase of this invention received a Finnish patent in 2003. A patent application for a second-generation process was filed on March 31, 2015. The latter process is being modelled and optimized at the Tampere University of Technology; it is expected to reduce the energy cost of oxygen by a factor of two or more.


 New generation of thermal power plants

In a patent application filed on September 11, 2015 we present a new way of merging the Brayton and Rankine processes employed in combined-cycle power plants. Combined with oxygen combustion and the CCN process, this opens the way for a new generation of emission-free power plants that combine the utilization of CO2 with excellent efficiency and the ability to use all kinds of fuel. These processes are being modelled and optimized at Tampere Technical University.


Wind energy

The Quarken- Bay of Bothnia area may be Europe’s most suitable region for offshore wind energy. This natural resource offers an excellent opportunity for the production of domestic energy and the development of a robust export industry. This development is hampered by problems relating to the common propeller wind turbines; they and their foundations are heavy and expensive and their noise and visibility over long distances limit their placement.

In our patent application filed on July 2, 2015 we present a vertical-axis wind turbine whose geometry can be adjusted according to the wind conditions. This enables the turbine to retain its full efficiency in strong winds, leading to a rapidly increasing output at wind speeds where the effici-ency of propeller turbines already starts to decrease. The nacelle and generator of these turbines are placed close to the ground on a light tripod with only the thin carbon-fibre composite blades reaching higher. This reduces their visual impact; they also lack the swishing noise of propeller turbines.



We are constantly developing our innovations and applying for new patents as the processes become more exact and refined.