Helsinki, Finland, August 15, 2012




Cuycha Innovation Oy has incorporated new joint venture companies in Australia and United Kingdom. These new companies will focus on Cuycha’s technologies and localization activities.


The Finnish company Cuycha Innovation Oy has incorporated new joint venture companies and launched globalization activities in Australia and United Kingdom. Last year Cuycha created a new joint venture in Africa, Kagisano Innovations (pty) Ltd, and we are now expanding in these new countries.


Cuycha intends to bring its innovations into global public knowledge to stimulate fast-paced business growth of the company. Cuycha’s business idea is to localize technology sales and marketing actions through affiliate joint venture companies. As Cuycha is a small company and technology implementations of Cuycha’s technologies require large investments, joint ventures enable the use of local knowledge, business partners, public relations and industrial investors.


“Our focus is in our essential technology, CCN, and globalization activities. The first CCN proof of concept will be achieved in Africa by Kagisano Innovations within the next months. We can forecast an enormous increase in CCN sales and projects, and now we are building a global platform to enable growth and all future activities “said Markus Kankaanpää, CEO of the Cuycha Innovation Oy.


Cuycha’s mission is to upgrade and enhance traditional industrial processes to fit modern environmental and technical requirements and to provide global solutions for cost-effective and low- emission production of energy. Cuycha’s solutions are low- and cleantech; in some cases they turn emissions into valuable byproducts. Cuycha’s main technology is carbon capture and neutralization (CCN). CCN doesn’t just store the harmful CO2; CCN changes it into a safe, stable form. And as part of neutralization the CCN process provides valuable and commercially usable byproducts.



Cuycha Innovation Oy was incorporated in 2004 by Matti Nurmia, Ph.D. (born in 1930) for the purpose of commercial utilization of the inventions and patents held by him. Most of Dr. Nurmia’s inventions relate to energy production and environmental technologies; his most notable invention being the neutralization of CO2 (Carbon dioxide). In 2011 Cuycha received an honorable mention in Finnish Energy Industries “Climate act of the year 2011” for the CCN technology


Joint Venture companies

Australia  CCN Solutions Australia (pty) Ltd

UK Capturing Carbon Cymru Ltd


Contact details:



Markus Kankaanpää

Tel. (+358) 50 5986233



Ilkka Nurmia

Tel. (+267) 7647 6062