Helsinki, Finland, April 14th, 2014


BOTSWANA, GABARONE: On Friday 11th of April the Kgatleng District Development Foundation (KDDF) signed an agreement on the rehabilitation of Pilane Landfill and the construction of a combined waste to energy  and carbon capture plant.

The agreement was signed between KDDF and the Clean Energy Botswana partnership of Synchrona Waste Management and Kagisano Innovations.

 The facility will be developed in two phases, phase 1 will process 20 tonnes of fresh waste per day and will serve as the demonstration phase. In phase 2 the Waste to Energy facility will be expanded to handle 400 tonnes of waste per day. This agreement forms the foundations of a co-operative initiative to solve the waste management problem facing the District Council. Phase 2 of the project will extend the solution of waste management beyond Kgatleng District to, the area Gaborone, South East, Kweneng and Lobatse as the plant will increase handled waste volumes from the initial 20 tons to 400 tons and over. Works at Pilane Landfill are expected to commence on 1st May 2014.

 The two phases of the project are estimated to cost USD 85 million and directly create about 500 jobs, with the other spinoff activities such as quarrying, recycling and salvaging this can easily create a total of 1000 new jobs.

Continuous WTE energy production capacity will be 20 MW and over 175 GWh will be produced annually using 400 tonnes of new and existing waste per day. Electricity will be produced with CO2 emissions that are only 52% as compared to coal power on a per kilowatt basis. An integrated Carbon Capture & Neutralization plant will further reduce CO2 emissions by an additional 80%, making this hybrid plant one of the cleanest power producers in the world. A reliable supply of clean electricity will be supplied to the local municipalities or national grid at USD 0.07 per kilowatt hour.



Kagisano Innovations (pty) Ltd is a clean-tech developer and consultancy company in Botswana that is localizing Carbon Capture & Neutralization in Africa.

Cuycha Innovation Oy was incorporated in 2004 by Matti Nurmia, Ph.D. (born in 1930) for the purpose of commercial utilization of the inventions and patents held by him. Most of Dr. Nurmia’s inventions relate to energy production and environmental technologies; his most notable invention being the neutralization of CO2 (Carbon dioxide). In 2011 Cuycha received an honorable mention in Finnish Energy Industries “Climate act of the year 2011” and in 2013 was selected as part of Sustainia100 that identified the most innovative sustainable solutions around the world,for the carbon emission reduction technology.

 Cuycha’s mission is to upgrade and enhance traditional industrial processes to fit modern environmental and technical requirements and to provide global solutions for cost-effective and low- emission production of energy. Cuycha’s solutions are low- and cleantech; in some cases they turn emissions into valuable byproducts. Cuycha’s main technology is carbon capture and neutralization (CCN). CCN doesn’t just store the harmful CO2; CCN changes it into a safe, stable form. As part of neutralization the CCN process provides valuable and commercially usable byproducts.


Contact details:

Mari Nurmia

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