Cuycha’s mission is to upgrade and enhance traditional industrial processes to fit modern environmental and technical requirements and to provide global solutions for cost-effective and low- emission production of energy.

Our solutions are low- and cleantech; in some cases they turn emissions into valuable byproducts. Our main technologies are

Carbon capture and neutralization (CCN). CCN doesn’t just store the harmful CO2, CCN changes it into a safe, stable form.

Energy-saving method for separating large quantities of oxygen from air. This opens the way for a general acceptance of oxygen combustion, CCN, and the new power plant concepts.

New way of merging the Brayton and Rankine processes employed in combined-cycle power plants. Combined with oxygen combustion and the CCN process, this opens the way for a new generation of emission-free power plants that combine the utilization of CO2 with excellent efficiency and the ability to use all kinds of fuel.

Vertical-axis wind turbine whose geometry can be adjusted according to the wind conditions. This enables the turbine to retain its full efficiency in strong winds, leading to a rapidly increasing output at wind speeds where the effici-ency of propeller turbines already starts to decrease.